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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Accompanist Fees

Dear Parents and students:

The accompanist fee is payable to Jules Snarr.  Please remember to pay her on Friday if you have not already at the rehearsal. 

The fees are $20 Books 1-3, $30 Book 4, $40 Book 5 or higher.

She is a wonderful friend and coach.  Be sure let her know how much you appreciate her help.

See you soon!


Recital Venue

Dear Parents and students: The Springs Recitals are this Friday May 31st--tomorrow!!  At 6pm and 7:30pm.  If you are not sure of your recital time please let me know asap. The location is the Summerhays Recital Hall located at 5450 Green Street in Murray Utah 84123.  Take 5300 South going west.  Go past Costco and the hospital.  Go under I-15.  It is the first left turn after all of the freeway on ramps.  Green Street curves around, past an office tower.  You will see Summerhays on your right.  Enter and follow the signs leading downstairs.  The Recital Hall is a large clean room with a stage.  There are many chairs!!! Please invite everyone you can think of!!! Dress is formal, but your choice (not necessarily black and white).  If convenient please bring a treat to share. See you Friday!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Schedule

Dear Families,
Summer is rapidly approaching!  I will be switching the lesson schedule to mornings Monday through Thursday starting the week of June 24th.  The week of June 17th is ISSI, Suzuki Institute.  After the recital you can be thinking about what summer times will work for you.  The summer group lessons are on Fridays at the same times.  We will be combining the Book 4 and the Book 5 students for the 10am group.  This will balance out the numbers in the last two groups.  Also in June you can let me know your vacation schedule.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Hello Friends!  I keep forgetting to put your name on the refreshments sign up in the studio.  If you can bring a treat to the recital please comment on this post or send me an email or text message and I will make a note of it!! Yum!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Time to choose your Recital time

Dear Parents and Students,

It's time to think about which Recital time works best for you.  Please comment to this post or send me an email to let me know.  You can also tell me when I see you at your lesson this week.  Be sure to mention whether or not you can bring a treat for refreshments.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Great Groups

Group Lessons today were awesome.  In Books 2-4 level we practiced writing on music manuscript paper.  We got good at drawing treble clefs, time signatures and whole notes.  In the the Book 4 group we wrote out all the notes to Twinkle Theme in D major.  We also learned our key signatures and reviewed the order of the sharps and the flats.  We played Seitz and Vivaldi concertos in the Book 4 group and a duet by Beethoven.  In the Book 1 group we played the Snippets game and reviewed several pieces.  We also played London Bridge.  We tried to get under the bridge before Miss Ruth played the wrong note and the bridge dropped!.  Book 2 kids played Hide the Rosin and got really good at playing "piano" and "forte."  In the Book 6 group we played our 3 octave scales around the circle of 5ths.  We also reviewed relative minor keys and played Bach A minor and Vivaldi A minor.  Then we read some of the Canon by Pachelbel as well as the Redwing fiddle duet and the Martini Gavotte duet.  We even played the Memory Game and everyone got music matches.  Thanks for your participation!!  
See you soon.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lindsey Stirling--Spontaneous Me

Check out the fun music and video by Lindsey Stirling! See it here!

Spring Recitals Info

Hello Everyone!

In two weeks we will be rehearsing for the Spring Recitals to be held on Friday May 31st at the Summerhays Recital Hall, 5450 Green Street in Murray Utah, 84123.  The first program is at 6pm; the second at 7:30.  You can choose to be on either recital.  We will try to have about the same number of performers on each one, that way the length of the program is no longer than an hour.

Sign up for a rehearsal time with Jules, our fabulous accompanist in the studio.  
Her schedule is as follows:
Tuesday May 28:  4:30-9:30pm
Wednesday May 29:  2:30-8:30pm
Thursday May 30:  4:30-9:30pm

Monday, May 13, 2013

Deer Valley Summer Concert Series

Symphony Summer Schedule is up! See it here!

Welcome to the New Page

Welcome to the new page! Look around and let me know what you would like to see!